I want to heal your hair, skin, body & souls!

I decided to start my business the summer of 2018 after finding out I had MANY “snowflakes” aka dandruff. I’ve always had a love for the earth and it’s healing components. I’ve also had a deep love for essential oils. I firmly believe that the earths plants and herbs can heal a human body better than any medication that is produced in a laboratory. Science is very important and there is so much information surrounding what science is. I also hold a degree in science and business. I am also a proud war veteran of the ARMY! We, as humans, must search deeper for the root of the problem and solve it in an natural way. This is why I created 4 different organic scalp oils and more, FOR EVERYONE :)!

What is Geechee? Geechee, is a term used of the Gullah dialect, or a speaker of this dialect. Geechee is a dialect containing English words and words of African origin spoken chiefly by the descendants of African-American slaves settled on the Ogeechee river in Georgia. The language came about when the slaves were brought over from their home country to America. It’s a blend end of the English and African languages, that was born on Africa’s slave coast and developed in the slave communities of isolated plantations in the coastal South. It was something the slaves made up amongst one another so that the master wouldn’t be able to decipher what they were actually speaking. I grew up with a clear understanding the there was something different about the Geechee and Gullah people. We spoke so differently most people who were unaware of us thought we were Jamaicans or creole. Till this day, I still get mistaken for an islander or a creole.

One last thing! If you notice the amount of palm trees throughout my site, its for a reason. South Carolina designated the sabal palmetto (Inodes Palmetto) as the official state tree in 1939. The palmetto symbolizes the defeat of the British fleet at Fort Moultrie on Sullivan's Island. I love the palm tree because its wonderfully made and so magical!