Muscle Pain Relief Tea! (Loose Leaf)

Muscle Pain Relief Tea! (Loose Leaf)


This tea is more than a tea. It is the antidote to pain the natural way.

We as human have become accustomed to medical medicine. I firmly believe that herbs were put here to heal our bodies. If we take a few times a day and study a herb, we can gain the much needed  knowledge that we need for our benefits!

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Elderberries contain natural substances called flavonoids. They seem to help reduce swelling, fight inflammation, and boost the immune system. Limited studies have found that elderberry eases flu symptoms like fever, headache, sore throat, fatigue, cough, and body aches.


Marshmallow leaf and root are used for pain and swelling (inflammation) of the mucous membranes that line the respiratory tract. They are also used for dry cough, inflammation of the lining of the stomach, diarrhea, stomach ulcers, constipation, urinary tract inflammation, and stones in the urinary tract.


Astragalus is taken by mouth for seasonal allergies, heart failure, diabetes and to strengthen and regulate the immune system and many other conditions. Some people use astragalus as a general tonic, to protect the liver, and to fight bacteria and viruses. It is also used to prevent and reduce side effects associated with cancer treatment. Astragalus is commonly used in combination with other herbs.
Astragalus is sometimes applied to the skin to increase blood flow to the area and to speed wound healing. Astragalus is injected in to the vein for the side effects of cancer treatment, heart failure, diabetes, lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus), and many other conditions.


Ginger may be beneficial in managing the inflammation and pain of arthritis, owing to its anti-inflammatory properties. Fast facts on ginger for arthritis: Studies have shown that ginger can have a positive impact on reducing inflammation and discomfort in people with arthritis when compared to control groups.


Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is used in Ayurvedic medicine for treating painful conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatism. Clinical and in vivo studies have shown this botanical to have anti-inflammatory activity. Ayurvedic medicine (“Ayurveda” for short) is one of the world's oldest holistic (“whole-body”) healing systems. It's based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit.