Lavender Blooms Hand & Body Soap! (Cold Press)

Lavender Blooms Hand & Body Soap! (Cold Press)

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Lavender is sometimes used as a home remedy for skin inflammation and burns. Using it in essential oil form may be good for scalp inflammation and dryness. A 2012 study saw lavender oil used topically on skin inflammations and ulcers, with success. It reduced inflammation and sped up the healing process.

According to acupuncturist David Crowe in his book "The Pharmacy of Flowers," peppermint essential oil added to skin soaps works as an antiseptic skin cleanser used to treat urticaria and pruritis.  Peppermint soap acts as a refreshing skin tonic and cools down inflammation cause by skin blemishes and acne.

Lemongrass essential oil is said to act as a natural insect repellent and is used as an air freshener. Lemongrass essential oil is also used to alleviate stress and relieve pain

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